Message from the Registrar

Blessed is who reads and those who hear the word of prophecy and heed the things which are written in it, for the time is near” (Rev.1:3). The word of God has to be taught (Matt.28:20) and must be learnt (Ps.119:7). Wise man of understanding will hear and increase in learning. Instruction and understanding comes from the fear of the Lord.

Landway Theological Seminary teaches the word of God with an aim of making God’s children more effective in the missionary task. Many people learn the word of God here. Greatly anointed and well qualified teachers are being taken classes. Many from different parts of the world are being engaged in the studies. Since the seminary is dedicated for teaching, learning and expansion of the word of God. Those who are being part of it surely be blessed and greatly motivated for the task entrusted upon them.

Prof. Raju John, M.A. M.Th (Ph.D)